Database Import Data


Your database is of little value without accurate data.

Generally, a newly created database contains no data at all. Over time, usage of the front-end application will populate the database. However, many situations such as systems upgrades require pre-existing data to be imported into the new database.

Alternatively, quality data may arrive from many different sources including suppliers, distributors, vendors, or even customers. New and updated data is required on a regular basis. To complicate the matter, the data formats often vary from one source to another.

Whilst manual data entry will suffice for small quantities of datasets, it’s a laborious manual process that’s time consuming, error prone, and costly for medium to large data volumes.

Indeed, many relational database management systems have utilities to import data. However, they lack the sophisticated functionality to apply your unique business rules to the import process.


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Save money by reducing or eliminating manual data entry.

Save time by importing thousands or even millions of records in seconds or minutes instead of days or weeks.

Use automation to your advantage and gain a competitive edge.