Database Programming


Many software applications use decentralised ad hoc structured query language (SQL) database programming code within the application itself instead of embedding the SQL within the database as stored procedures. Unfortunately, this technique prohibits portability.

Furthermore, ad hoc SQL code within the application is susceptible to SQL Injection attacks, which is what hackers use to maliciously insert, update, delete or steal valuable data, thus increasing security vulnerabilities.

Also, many programmers often use short code snippets such as retrieving records from a database using wildcards. Non-essential data that is retrieved from the database, sent across the network, and then unused by the application significantly reduces database and application performance and wastes valuable resources.


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With the aid of sophisticated tools, we reduce database development time and investment.

By using centralised stored procedures we enable database portability, enhance performance, and significantly improve security.

We ease database programming management. For instance, a single change in one centralised location is far more efficient and economical than having to search and make the same change in numerous places.

Enhance your disaster recovery capabilities with a complete script capable of rebuilding mission critical databases.