Network Audit

Uncover Network Related Issues

It's not uncommon for corporate networks to be deployed and then be left virtually unmanaged because of limited staff resources and other more pressing IT projects.

The network is mission critical and a highly valuable asset to any private business, enterprise, or government department. Needless to say, a reliable and high performing network is paramount to the operation of all organisations.

A network audit should achieve one of two outcomes:

  • Confirm the existing topology and device configurations, or
  • List issues that may be affecting the network

In the first instance, it is reassuring to know that network devices are configured correctly and that technical support efforts need to be focused elsewhere in order to improve the overall reliability, availability, performance and security of a network populated with servers, workstations, printers and other peripherals.

Alternately, an audit may uncover issues that are causing unnecessary performance penalties and hindering business operations.

An audit will provide the above benefits from an independent, experienced and certified engineer, along with industry best practices recommendations to improve the network infrastructure and performance.