Telecommunications Solutions

Voice, Data, and Internet

Telecommunications, whilst generally taken for granted and viewed as a commodity service when all works well, should be the solid foundation on which your business communicates with your customers.

As your business changes, it's important to review your telecommunication services and factor in reliability, redundancy, business continuity, efficiency and cost.


With different flavours of broadband and wireless on offer, without expert advice it can be very confusing to understand what it is that you’re being offered, which service is better for you and what you'll end up getting. Terminology such as ADSL, SHDSL, ATM, Ethernet, contention ratios, rate limiting, backhaul, tier-1, tier-2 and BGP can be mysterious unless you work in this field and know how to differentiate one service from the other. By demystifying the jargon and knowing exactly what it is you need, we can assist your business in getting the most out of the Internet.


This is the generic term used by carriers for private data networks connecting branch offices to the head office of an organisation. The choice of data services can be confusing e.g. Frame Relay, ATM, Ethernet, Hub and Spoke topology, MPLS IP VPN, QoS, DiffServ and IP Precedence, especially when most service providers claim to have their own network and 'end to end' solutions.


In the legacy sense is referred to by telecommunications carriers as the plain old telephone system (POTS) and public service telephone network (PSTN); or the digital integrated service digital network (ISDN) which is generally connected to business PABX systems. We help you understand what it is you have and perform audits so that you stay in control of your expenses. Today, the buzz is around voice over IP (VoIP) and IP Telephony.

What we can do for you

Voice, Internet and Data networks are our forte.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in this field because they previously worked in the telecommunications and network vendor industry.

Depending on the size, complexity and needs of your business, we can independently produce tenders and submit them to the telecommunications carrier and service provider market i.e. a request for price (RFP) and evaluate all responses. Thereafter, based on the submissions we will clearly explain what each service provider is proposing. Then, if you have made a decision to improve your telecommunications services, we can project manage the upgrade process or manage the entire transition of services from incumbent carrier to the new carrier.

Our real world expertise comes from successfully project managing complete enterprise national networks inclusive of voice, data and Internet.