Wide Area Network Visibility

Discover what business applications and recreational traffic are actually running across your wide area network (WAN) and how they are performing.

What you receive

You receive "Look" access to the application network analyser device so that you can monitor your network in real time during the course of the analysis.

You receive a comprehensive report with graphs showing you:

WAN Top 10 Applications

  • Top ten applications running on your wide area network
  • Bandwidth Utilisation
  • Network Efficiency
  • Total Data Transferred
  • Summary

WAN Link Utilisation

Plus, we provide professional onsite consulting services further explaining the report, answering any questions you may have, and provide valuable advice on what can be done to improve your network and application performance.

What we do ...

We connect a Packeteer hardware device i.e. an application network analyser inline, behind your router, to monitor all software applications traversing your Wide Area Network.

When do we do the work?

We schedule a convenient date and time with you so that there is no business impact. Generally, most clients prefer Friday evenings at around 6 PM.

How long is the analyser connected to the network?

One week. This time frame gives an excellent indication of your traffic patterns and is considered to be an industry best practice for the initial visibility stage.

What if the Packeteer unit fails?

The Packeteer device operates in ‘fail safe’ mode by using a special relay, which means it won’t block traffic to and from the network if it fails unexpectedly.


As a prerequisite, we need the following items from you to perform the analysis:

  • General Power Outlet 240 Volts AC
  • Two-(2) RU rack space close to the gateway
  • Spare IP address and Subnet Mask for the Packeteer device
  • IP address of the gateway that will be monitored


Simply make a booking and we will do the rest for you.