Web Compliance Analysis


Virtually all organisations have a web site and competition for top search engine rankings is increasing.

Unfortunately, many web sites have been produced by amateurs or by web designers that overlook web standards compliance.

Although your web site may appear to be working well to you, search engines operate in accordance with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and may penalise your site in terms of ranking for non-compliance.

Put another way, would you highly recommend a book to a friend if it were full of errors? Search engines operate on similar principles.


Web sites are based on hypertext mark-up language (HTML). Like every language there are grammatical rules, which we refer to as syntax.

Our web standards compliance analysis will review your web site from a search engines perspective concentrating on HTML syntax and essential search engine guidelines.

We will analyse your entire (publicly accessible) web site for common issues, also referred to as violations.

Thereafter, we will provide you with a report indicating the quantity of violations, severity level, and more.


A web standards compliance analysis report will uncover issues in your organisations web site that you were unaware of.

With the insight gained, you can initiate corrective action to ensure your web site is modified so that it is standards compliant.

A web standards compliant site will ensure your site is not penalised because of unnecessary violations. Hence, you should improve your chances of better search engine rankings.